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    3/4 Bedrooms
    Private Pool and Jacuzzi
    180m2 Covered Area
    Gas Central Heating
    Sea and Mountain Views
    Fly Screens Throughout
    Full Individual Title Deed In Owners Name

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    9m2 - South/East facing front door, North/West facing patio doors to terrace
    Marble floors, coving and spot lights

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    5.34 x 5.28 (17'6" x 17'3")
    28.24m2 - North and West patio doors to terrace
    Marble floors, concealed lighting/coving with spots, travertine feature fireplace, central heating and A/C unit

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    3.93 x 4.23 (12'10" x 13'10")
    16.65m2 - East facing patio doors and South windows
    Dark wood effect fitted kitchen with polished travertine work top. Arcelik white goods incl: oven, hob, extractor fan, dishwasher and fridge/freezer.
    Coving, ceiling spot lights and marble floor

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    2.41 x 1.79 (7'10" x 5'10")
    4.34m2 - East facing window
    Built in sink unit/worktop
    Whirlpool dryer and Arcelik washing machine
    Marble floor and spot lights

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    12.50m2 - Marble floors

    viagra official uk

    2.48 x 1.79 (8'1" x 5'10")
    4.46m2 - East facing window
    White suite - pedestal basin, bath with o/head shower, WC unit. Heated towel rail and spot lights

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    4.08 x 4.03 (13'4" x 13'2")
    16.49m2 - North facing double doors to terrace
    Large dark wood effect fitted wardrobes
    Marble floor, coving, ceiling spot light and A/C unit

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    4.06m x 3.93m (13'3" x 12'10")
    16.02m2 - North facing double doors to terrace
    Large dark wood effect fitted wardrobes
    Marble floor, coving, ceiling spot light and A/C unit

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    4.92 x 4.99 (16'1" x 16'4")
    24.61m2 - West and North facing windows, East facing door to terrace
    Large dark wood effect fitted wardrobes
    Marble floor, coving with recessed spot lights, and A/C unit

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    1.14 x 3.96 (3'8" x 12'11")
    4.52m2 - South window
    White suite: bidet, pedestal basin, WC unit, large walk in tiled shower and heated towel rail

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    2.72 x 3.31 (8'11" x 10'10")
    9.03m2 - West and North facing window
    Marble floor, coving, ceiling light and A/C unit

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    15 x 2.5 (49'2" x 8'2")
    37.50m2 - Large covered terrace facing the pool

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    9m x 5m Roman end pool and hexagonal jacuzzi

    viagra shipped from canada

    Large landscaped garden, with mature shrubs and trees, irrigation system and well

    female viagra patch

    1 donum plot with double entry gates, large drive and garage

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    3.46 x 5.42 (11'4" x 17'9" )
    18.77m2 - Large garage
    Central heating boitler
    Pool Pump Area - 3.99m2
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