Tourism and the Property Boom In North Cyprus

Along with the North Cyprus Property Boom, the North of the island has seen a growth in tourism; the gradual reconciliation with the Republic of Cyprus, and the developing warmth between Turkey and Greece, and Turkey and the international community, has led in recent years to more tourist interest in North Cyprus. It goes hand in hand with the North Cyprus Property Boom, and both industries are marking the island out as a place for rapid expansion and substantial growth.

Due to the ongoing International air traffic restrictions, though, all flights in and out of the newly refurbished and modernised Ercan airport in the North have to go via Turkey. As there are only three airlines, all Turkish Owned, that have permission to fly these routes there is a low limit on the number of people that can be transported in and out daily.

In order to cope with growing demand the airlines are increasing their fleets to cope and smart travellers are also finding the new opportunity of flying via Larnaca in the South and crossing the border into the North a viable route of travelling. This is increasing tourism and providing new routes to put the North on the map. In addition some travel agents are now offering dual holidays in the North and South part of the island.

Negotiations to lift the International air embargo are, however, underway in Europe. This is supported by both the UK foreign affairs committee and the US.

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