They traded for Noah Vonleh, Gerald Henderson, Mason Plumlee,

Warriors: Golden State is the 13th team to take a 3 0 lead in Finals, and third since 1996. Broke the record of 14 straight post season wins previously held by the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins, who did it in 1992 93. Curry has hit at least one 3 pointer in all 73 career post season games.

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cheap Air max According to police, four students were taken to the hospital for treatment. One student was taken by her parents and four others were treated at the scene. The driver of the SUV is hospitalized as well. The 88th Idaho Men Amateur tees off today at Falcon Crest, which is hosting the tournament for the first time in eight years. Last year champion cheap jordans, Derek Bayley, and runnerup Graysen Huff are not back, as they qualified for and are competing in the British Amateur. But Notre Dame golfer Hunter Ostrom, who won US Open Local Qualfying last month, is in the field cheap jordans, as are Texas A Josh Gliege and a retro favorite, 1999 Men Amateur champ Bret Rupert. cheap Air max

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