The business view of fair work legislation is more difficult to understand

The business view of fair work legislation is more difficult to understand. It is now widely accepted우리카지노 that if an employer hires a unionised worker, it must pay the union as well as the employee. But in practice, the union is paid only once the employee leaves the company. If a worker leaves the employer after the agreement has been signed but before the agreement has been terminated, and before the employment contract has been terminated, then only the employee is entitled to a claim for fair wages and conditions. The company therefore argues that the employer is obliged to take part in the union. This is the case whether the union is the one that recruits the employees.

However, there is no provision in the Fair Work Act for workers to demand this, or to terminate their contracts under certain circumstances. Fair work is a national and universally acknowledged human right th우리카지노at protects workers. It should therefore apply equally to all companies and employees.

The Australian Government supports the idea of a national and universal right to fair labour conditions and is willing to consider a Fair Work Amendment Bill if a bill is introduced in Parliament. In principle, an amendment can be introduced 바카라as early as this year. However, there is some concern that the bill could not be passed this year and that it is not ready to go to Parliament until at least March this year. There is also a possibility that the changes to the Fair Work Act will take place before such a Bill is introduced.

The Government should do everything it can to protect fair labour conditions under the existing Fair Work Act, including the introduction of the Bill that would eliminate the unfair dismissal regime. Labor and the business have very similar views and the Government should support it with its support.

Fair Work Amendment Bill, s. 1(9)(b), (d) and (e), Bill. No. 1 (Qld), 2013, s. 4

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