Wa govt invests 17m in sheep saleyard in rural NSW

Wa govt invests 17m in sheep saleyard in rural NSW


A private venture capital firm has invested $17 million (Australian dollars) into a sheep farm which it hopes will be able to pay back 바카라사이트a debt it borrowed to build a factory.

Horsemeat producer Osprey Poultry Group has bought the farm on the outskirts of Coffs Harbour, which is about one-third the size of Melbourne’s CBD and is located at the intersection of two main roads.

«To be able to pay off those loans is going to be the key,» Andrew McPherson, its regional director of operations and operations, told the ABC.

«I think it really is a significant, substantial amount of money.»

A former staff member says the deal has provided jobs for thousands of young farmers in New South Wales.

The property is home to about 2,000 sheep and cows.

The business is expect바카라ed to be fully operational by year-end.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission spokeswoman Alison Thompkins says the competition authority will not comment on what specific agreement is being made.

«We understand that this property is being bought, whether it’s owned by the Ospreys, it depends on the business that’s involved and whether they 바카라are a commercial entity or whether it’s a partnership,» she said.

Coffes Harbour residents have spoken out, with some speaking of their anger at Osprey being a «free enterprise» company, but Mr McPherson says the project is for the community and no one is looking over their shoulder.

«This property is owned by the Ospreys, it’s not a business that’s just picking up as a business what will happen next and selling off as they see fit,» he said.

The company has plans to expand production to other states across Australia.

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