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President Obama has no public events on his schedule today so he spend the day away from cameras, meeting with advisers and the Vice President. We do know that he be hosting a couple of White House holiday parties today but other than that, we can assume he have more meetings behind closed doors, presumably on the various issues on his plate. We will hear from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney at 1pm and will see if he gives any more information about where the talks on fiscal cliff and White House personnel issues stand..

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canada goose outlet jackets Said, companies are doing stuff that is really on a thin line. For example, after a week of using GMail, I noticed advertisements familiar to the text of my personal emails. The software was apparently reading my emails. Airlines are not required to report how many animals they carry, but some do. Delta said Thursday that it carried 245,000 service and support animals last year, about the same as 2017, up from around 100,000 in 2015. United’s most recent figure, 76,000 for support animals only in 2017, was a 77% increase from the year before canada goose outlet jackets.

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