Outback group seeks 70m roads fix after a four-day shutdown

Outback group seeks 70m roads fix after a four-day shutdown


The Federal Government says it has committed $700 million to road maintenance in Victoria and is encouraging motorists to take advantage of its $70 discount, but in an embarrassing development many commuters on roads remain on the road for much of the day.

Key points: Government says it is supporting 40m «low traffic» road maintenance in Victoria

30,000 roadworks projects already completed, including some that closed traffic lanes

Federal Government says cost of road works projects is still about $6 billion ahead of previous estimates

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann says about 70 per cent of traffic is expected to be on the road on Thursday and Friday.

«Our message to residents across Victoria is that you should feel good about the road you’re on and should be getting out on the roads,» he said.

The Government’s infrastructure funding review committee has advised there are about 40,000 work in progress projects at present and that about 40 per cent of those projects need $6 billion.

Federal Minister for Roads Mathias Cormann says that’s about $6 billion in the first 12 months.

«It’s a serious amount of money, but we understand that on the public record we haven’t got all of that project funding because of previous spending levels,» he said.

But Mr Cormann says about 30,000 projects are already underway and that many of these are «relatively slow».

He said there are also several roadwork projects already underway.

«It is an important part of the Victorian infrastructure network,» he said.

Opposition road transport spokesman Shane 더킹카지노Rattenbury says the Government has been in touch with Victorian motorists after a national jarvees.comcampaign that has seen many roads closed, resulting in delays for thousands of commuters, including more than 20,000 from the바카라 Eastern Freeway corridor.

«It’s frustrating, it’s frustrating for drivers… to get the work in,» he said.

«The government is just taking one more step away from those citizens in this country. They’ve spent all of this money over a six-year period and yet they’re just not delivering on that.»

Mr Rattenbury says Victoria’s public transport network has been badly hit this year, so the Government might do better to keep the promises of the Victorian Government.

«We do need to look at making sure we’ve got the investment we need. That is our plan now, if we don’t get tha

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