Govt unveils exploration funding bill for 2020 (2:54)

Govt unveils exploration funding bill for 2020 (2:54)

The House of Representatives approved the $4.1 billion, 1st-year request for $1.6 billion from the Treasury Dep바카라 이기는 법artment to fund the first phase of the $7.3 billion America’s Infrastructure Initiative (AII) to improve the state and local broadband networks.

The House passed the bill late Friday afternoon, setting up a t필리핀 마이다스 카지노wo-week time limgm 카지노mit for moving legislation forward before it’s signed into law by President Donald Trump.

«This is the first step toward getting funding for this critical infrastructure project on time and on budget,» Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., said, according to the Capitol Times.

Republican leaders plan to pass the bill along the House floor by Friday evening. Once that happens, Trump’s Department of Justice will be notified and asked to certify whether the infrastructure project is within state rules of the road.

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The plan to boost funding includes using $4.8 billion from the Highway Trust Fund to help states upgrade their broadband networks, including $300 million for the $1 billion AII in 2017 and $100 million in 2018.

The remainder is for state and local improvements, including $500 million in the first year.

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