Resort sets up committee to fill local govt void

Resort sets committee to fill local govt void

New Delhi: Opposition parties today said they are prepared to contest municipal elections under the NDA. The BJP said it has “unanimously decided” to contest th우리카지노e Delhi elections under the NDA, while Congress said it will contest under the current UPA rule.The ruling UPA has faced strong criticism over its failure to fulfill its promise to set up the Election Commission of India (ECI) after the 2011 assembly election. The E바카라CI had given a clean chit to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after he announced it in 2010 and cleared its initial draft in December 2012, but the prime minister was still required to sign off on the final report in December 2013 before a second hearing on the draft was scheduled.Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who led a “national emergency” protest in 2011 to force the ECI to get going, claimed earlier today that ECI chief Raghuram Rajan would be the “most hated man” if he is removed by AAP. “I am glad that Mr Rajan will get the appointment he deserves. He (Raghuram Rajan) will not only save the economy but also save his life. People are hungry,” Gandhi said.He also said Rajan would be the only person willing to implement the recommendations of a report prepared by the CAG to examine the governance failures in the capital, including the appointment of non-elected officials. “In the wake of the recent ECI report, I believe Mr Rajan will have the gravitas required to work towards rectifying problems faced by the citizens of Delhi,” he said.

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