The Unique Flora and Fauna of North Cyprus

It is well known fact that North Cyprus is a wonderful place in every season. Every season is different on our island. Almost everyday of the year you awake to blue skies and sunshine – North Cyprus has a magnificent natural beauty. There are around 1900 kinds of both flowering and herbal plants growing wild in North Cyprus, and 19 different types of flora which grow here and nowhere else in the world.


Nature has formed orchid flowers in a way that must either make us laugh or excite our admiration, wrote a 17th century German botanist. Out of 20,000 or so orchids known, Cyprus has about 45 kinds and North Cyprus 30 of these. Presses and preserved specimens, drawings and photographs of all these species can be seen at the North Cyprus herbarium. There are also arranged walks to see Orchids. Below are some details, Tel:7213013.

The Famous North Cyprus Turtles

For about one hundred million years, our waters have been visited by the green (chelonia mydas) and the loggerhead (caretta carettas) turtles. The green turtle only nests in Cyprus, South-East Turkey, and sometimes Israel. These fascinating creatures come ashore on the deserted beaches of North Cyprus between May and August to nest, and Aligadi beach is classified as a special protected area.

After sunset, when it is dark, the adult females, sometimes with a carapace of more than 100cm long, make their way up the beach to find suitable nesting places. There, they lay between 65 and 110 eggs, depending on the species. This can be repeated three to five times for each, 10-15 days apart. When the nesting is complete, the exhausted female returns to the sea.

She will perhaps reappear on the same beach again a couple of years later. Up to thirty percent of all green turtles nest on the coast line of North Cyprus. Groups of ecologists and students have been observing and helping to protect these rare animals from extinction for a number of years. Visitors are welcome to observe this exciting experience and the local papers always advertise the times of organized tours.

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