Onions out of bangladesh tests on Thursday, though

Onions out of bangladesh tests on Thursday, though

The prime minister, on Wednesday, has given a three-day rest f더킹카지노rom the visit to Bangladesh amid the row over Indian food

“He (Ayesha) should rest at his place for three days to take the temperature of my nerves,” she said in response to a question, referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“I’m telling you that people of Bangladesh natyasastra.comhave been getting food rationed for weeks at a time. Food rationing of food products has resulted in people going crazy,” she added, referring to a spate of protests against Indian food imports in Bangladesh by local Muslims.

The prime minister also claimed that the Indian government had not done enough to safeguard the lives and property of Muslims.

Speaking at the event organised by the Union home ministry, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said there is no excuse for what happened during the clashes between police and hundreds of protesters during Muzaffarnagar riots when the two states met, and also alleged that “I winatyasastra.comll tell you, that if the government did not do enough to protect people, they might be talking about killing us today.”

“They will have to get the justice system to investigate our communal riots and bring them to court as a state,” he said.

Chaudhry Nisar had also attacked the foreign media as the media “did not report truthfully on our troubles (at Muzaffarnagar), they reported fake news.”

His remarks followed the intervention of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who said the Muzaffarnagar incident should be used as a “window” to “learn from how India was handled during the Muzaffarnagar riots.”


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