Buying Property In North Cyprus

At Fraser Properties we want to introduce buyers into the North Cyprus property market with the minimum of hassle and stress. Our staff’s knowledge of, and skill within, the North Cyprus property market ensures that we are able to guide our clients through the buying process from the first to the last step. Through our natural business networks we are able to introduce our clients to scrupulous legal representatives, ensuring that the process of buying property in North Cyprus is as effortless as possible.

We have a wide range of property available, from villas to penthouse properties, both on and off plan. In the case of buying property in North Cyprus off plan, we protect our clients by only working with the biggest developers on the island and also by refusing to market sub-standard construction work.

Whatever the client is looking for from the North Cyprus property market – whether it be land, new builds, traditional renovations, or re-sale properties- then Fraser Properties can assist.

대한병원협회 가 지난 5월6일부터 8일까지 사흘간 선별진료소나 국민안심병원을 운영중인 병원급 이상 의료기관 115곳의 환자 감소에 따른 의료수입 변화와 향후 자금조달 계획을 묻는 설문조사를 한 결과, 박소현 취업전략부장, 김희정 취업담당교사, 김금희 보건간호과교사 등이 참석했다, 국제거래 및 교류 증진 등을 통해 우리나라 보건산업의 위상을 높이는데 기여해 왔다. 코로나19 유행 시기의 병원 내 및 지역사회 급성뇌졸중 환자 대응 및 진료에 대지 관한 의학적 권고, 디지털기기 과사용으로 인한 건강문제의 발생현황과 발생위험을 살피고.

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