Government sets sail with 35b submarine deal that puts Britain back on deck (Reuters)

Government sets sail with 35b submarine deal that puts Britain back on deck (Reuters)

“We need to have more clarity from the government, especially if there are questions as to whether there may have been further delays to these agreements in the negotiations. In the meantime we’re getting a fair deal. What’s wrong is the politics, because I don’t see how that goes on into the future,” Cameron said on a conference call on Sunday.

“I think it’s really important that the debate remains open and we get back to the truth,” the prime minister added.

Britain’s trade relationship with the EU has been thrown into chaos after the EU’s executive rejected Britain’s demand to accept new rules on paying tax in the bloc, which are part of the Brexit deal.

There are calls for the EU government to step in to rever바카라se the blow, after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told Sunday’s gathering in Luxembourg that he expects the UK “to make the right decisi바카라사이트on” in the negotiations.

“It would not be a bad idea for the European Commission to step in, because it will ensure that we don’t end up in the same place,” Juncker said.

Migrants in Calais, France, November 21, 2015. Reuters

Migrants’ movement to Germany, meanwhile, has been delayed우리카지노 with a new proposal to reduce the number of boats arriving in the European Union, after it was not allowed to bring its citizens to the port of Calais.

On Friday, a senior German official told Germany’s Bild newspaper that it would not be able to take more than three out of every four migrants who arrived in Germany before the end of August.

Merkel, in an interview to a German newspaper on Monday, said the situation on the island of Lampedusa, from where more than 120 migrants died when their dinghy capsized, was more serious than a single-boat disaster.

She was speaking at a refugee centre run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) outside the town of Mauthausen, which was overwhelmed by migrants on Wednesday.

“I can confirm that there is still a very small chance of rescue in the Mediterranean this time but it’s much smaller than if there was a single-boat disaster,” Merkel said.

Merkel, who has been battling to salvage the EU pact she struck with French president Emmanuel Macron last month in Paris, said there was “not enough coordination” on dealing with migrants.

Merkel said that one option is for Europe t

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