Even though I now in Florida

The expensive ones overprescribed when not really needed. When the cheaper ones do the same, better or proven to work. Oddly enough a medication $5000 per month does not work better than $6 medication. Follow CNNMore than 11 weeks after Flight 370 dropped off radar screens over Southeast Asia on a scheduled flight to Beijing, officials in charge of the hunt are drawing a line through the ping centered search and moving on to the next phase.Where does the search go next?The underwater search area guided by the pings covered more than 850 square kilometers (330 square miles).That’s roughly the size of West Virginia.”The search will be a major undertaking,” the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said this week. “The complexities and challenges involved are immense, but not impossible.”The underwater search will remain in the same overall region, as officials are basing their focus on an analysis of satellite, radar and other data that concludes the plane ended up somewhere along an arc stretching into the southern Indian Ocean.”Now clearly, we were hoping that the pings would narrow that broad area down to a narrow one, but that has not been the case, and now we have to unfortunately go the long road,” Thomas told CNN.Will they start searching the new area immediately?No. In fact, it hasn’t yet been fully mapped out.The ATSB said this week that it’s reviewing existing information from experts in order to refine the new zone.Meanwhile, a specialized Chinese ship, the Zhu Kezhen, has begun mapping the ocean floor in some areas already picked out by the ATSB.

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