Life In North Cyprus

This section gives details on the various aspects of life in North Cyprus; the history of the island, telephone, electricity and banking services, emergency phone numbers and hospitals, currency and banking, and climate and historical places of interest.

Cyprus History

A brief history of the cultural and political influences on the island, from ancient history to the present day.

Pure Nature

A guide to the sites of natural interest in North Cyprus.


Where to go for the best shopping in North Cyprus.


Details on the climate in North Cyprus; typical winter and summer environments, and basic trends.

Places of Interest

A list of North Cyprus’ historical and cultural places of interest.


A guide to the currency in use in North Cyprus.

Public Holidays

List of all public holidays in North Cyprus.

Golden Beaches

Information on North Cyprus’ best beaches.


Details on the banking systems in North Cyprus.

Car Rental

Advice for clients seeking rental cars in North Cyprus.

Medical Services

A guide to medical services in North Cyprus; information on medical protocol.


Details on the electricity systems in place in North Cyprus.


Information for dialling into and out of North Cyprus, and list of emergency numbers and useful numbers.

Importing Pets

Details on procedures for importing pets into North Cyprus.

Postal Services

A guide to postal services in North Cyprus; what to look out for, and details on how to address post for North Cyprus.

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