Buying Properties in North Cyprus? Let Fraser Properties Guide You Through all Aspects of the Purchasing Process

Not only is property in Northern Cyprus good value for money, it is also a sound long term investment. The area has huge growth potential over the next decade and is set to offer a fantastic ROI. If this isn’t reason enough to invest in North Cyprus, the cost of living is one of the lowest of any country bordering the Mediterranean. Prices of supplies and organic products are subsequently less than in the UK, and are often of comparable or better quality. Warm sunny weather, bargain property prices, cheap living and phenomenal growth potential – what more could you ask for?

This section provides information on the main areas that you should know about as a potential buyer of property in north cyprus


An in depth account of all considerations on tax when buying property In North Cyprus, including details on the four main tax types; VAT tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty, and transfer fee.


Advice and information regarding mortgages for overseas investors, and details on the consultancy that Fraser Properties supplies.


A guide to the registration process for the Fraser Properties property search system.


Legal tips for the overseas investors, details on North Cyprus land deeds; what they mean, and what to look out for.

Making an Offer

An explanation of Fraser Properties’ actions regarding the buyer and seller of property In North Cyprus; contacting the seller, making non-holding deposits.

Buyers Guide

A step by step guide to the buying process for investors looking at properties in North Cyprus.


A summary of the contractual obligations relating to North Cyprus property.

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