A guide to buying property in north cyprus

We fully understand the concerns involved when purchasing property in a foreign country, and we understand that buying property in north cyprus is no different. So our aim is to make the process as simple, understandable, and trouble free as possible.

Below we provide a few points of guidance that we hope will assist you, but we strongly recommend that you also liaise with a local solicitor; they can answer any legal questions you may have. We can recommend local English speaking solicitors with whom we have worked for over 10 years.

The north cyprus property purchasing process is relatively straight forward and is generally based on the legal system used in the UK with the exception of a few points:

  • Foreigners wishing to purchase in Northern Cyprus are limited to one property per person or married couple, or up to five donums of land if the land contains only one house. If you are purchasing land only in North Cyprus then a one donum limit applies (1 donum = 1338m2 / 14,400sqft). It is possible to own more than one property or larger plots of land but this requires the formation of a company with a local partner.
  • The transfer of the title deed to the purchaser’s name may take between 12 to 18 months, as the foreign national’s purchase has to be approved by the government’s Council of Ministers.

This should not, however, stop you moving into your property, as your solicitor will advise you.

  • Prior to obtaining your permission to purchase in Northern Cyprus, a check will be carried out with the authorities in the UK or your country of origin to confirm you have no serious criminal record.

If however you were interested in investing in several plots of land or properties in Northern Cyprus we can advise you further, and would be delighted to discuss this in greater depth or send you detailed information. Just e-mail us on enquiries@frasermeridies.com

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